Often, I’ll find that bloggers will compile their own posts on their blog, making lists of content they’ve written about certain topics, tips and tricks, and so on. This list is a combination of as many resources as possible and will continually be expanded to accommodate new posts. As the lists grow longer, they may be added to their own separate pages which will be linked here.

Want to add a post you wrote, or one you read and enjoyed? Contact me!

Please ignore the temporary disorganization. The list is still quite new but will change soon!

Blogging Basics

New to book blogging? Looking for tips and tricks to keep your blog running smoothly? Not sure how to write a book review? Want to know more about building your blog stats? Check out these lists for more info!

Get Technical

Learn more about self-hosting, optimizing your blog, and breaking down those blog back-end woes.

How to Get Books

The big question. Read up on requesting ARCs and trading, and don’t forget to check out the Publicity Contacts page!

Social Media

How do you gain followers? Need advice on managing social media accounts? Want help with bookstagram? This is the page for you.

Blog Tours

Interested in getting involved with blog tours? Read more on what a blog tour is and how you can become a tour host with a bunch of touring sites.

Photo Editing & Graphics

Check out a few photo editing websites and learn how to make your photos pop! Give your posts a splash of color by adding your own custom graphics.

Special Interests

Are you a book blogger who also likes to write? Have other hobbies that you want to share with the community? Check out this page!