New Project – How do book bloggers get ARCs?

This project arose from a conversation with another blogger about the availability of ARCs to newer vs older bloggers (not their actual age, but how long they’ve been blogging). Like any good research project, this one features a few driving questions I plan to answer in the discussion to come. The survey below (also available on the Latest Project page until it closes) focuses on the following questions:

  • Does blog age relate to where bloggers get their ARCs?
  • How comfortable are bloggers with requesting print ARCs versus electronic/e-ARCs?
  • Where do book bloggers primarily get their ARCs?
  • What issues are there with information (or lack thereof) when it comes to requesting?

For these surveys, I need as many people to participate (and hopefully share too) in order to give y’all the most accurate answers I can. The point here isn’t to make an argument using the data collected, but to interpret it and share out with the public.

Please complete the survey below and share it with others! Thank you!

Form didn’t appear? Click here!


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