New Project – How do book bloggers get ARCs?

This project arose from a conversation with another blogger about the availability of ARCs to newer vs older bloggers (not their actual age, but how long they’ve been blogging). Like any good research project, this one features a few driving questions I plan to answer in the discussion to come. The survey below (also available on the Latest Project page until it closes) focuses on the following questions:

  • Does blog age relate to where bloggers get their ARCs?
  • How comfortable are bloggers with requesting print ARCs versus electronic/e-ARCs?
  • Where do book bloggers primarily get their ARCs?
  • What issues are there with information (or lack thereof) when it comes to requesting?

For these surveys, I need as many people to participate (and hopefully share too) in order to give y’all the most accurate answers I can. The point here isn’t to make an argument using the data collected, but to interpret it and share out with the public.

Please complete the survey below and share it with others! Thank you!

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Opening Ceremonies on a New Blog

Hello! Welcome to the Science of Book Blogging! I’ll be your host moving forward into the wonderful world of book blogging.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, you’re probably wondering what the heck book blogging “science” is. Well, for that you need a bit of background.

My name is Austine, from NovelKnight Book Reviews. If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve likely figured out by now that I really like polls. I love to get community input on all sorts of topics related to books and blogging, mostly to satisfy my own curiosity but sometimes those polls can be useful. Recently, I conducted a survey on a slightly larger scale about blogger expectations and people really liked the post and the community involvement.

Polls + Community Love = Book Blogging Fun!

Even more recently than that, I was speaking with another blogger about how we go about getting ARCs and it sparked a whole discussion that turned into a Twitter thread, and then into a larger Google form survey. Those results will be my first discussion post on here, actually!

So… this blog will function in two ways:

Blogging Resources. Even after years of blogging, I still have questions, I’m still learning new ways to do things, and it’s an ever-changing activity. And frankly, I doubt few of us have time to spend Googling every little thing. Therefore, part of the purpose of this blog is to act as a big database of resources for book bloggers. It’s small now, but then again, it’s just starting!

Research Discussions. Every week or so I’ll be posting a new survey here and on social media for everyone to fill out that will be part of a blog post discussion posted here. These surveys will be based on what y’all want to hear about next so don’t shy away from providing feedback! Hopefully these will prove useful and interesting as I apply my own love of research to book blogging.

There likely won’t be posts every day but if you’re interested in getting email updates when there ARE posts, you can add your email in the sidebar box. Posts will consist of these discussions and new survey announcements.

The Resources

You’ll notice in the top menu that there is a page for Resources. I’ve begun to compile a massive list of blog posts from around the bloggersphere and categorize them based on general topic. As this list gets longer, I’ll be breaking it up into multiple pages and linking those on this page instead of all the individual blog posts on each list.

It’s a bit disorganized right now but that’ll soon change.

If you know of any good blogging (or general) resources that you enjoy referencing as a book blogger, please leave a comment or submit it through the contact form.


That’s all I have for you! If you have any questions or other thoughts on the whole idea, comment section is below and I look forward to hearing from you!