Welcome! If you’ve come here you’re probably interested in book blogging in some way and are looking for tips, tricks, and any other available resources. This blog is a combination of original posts based entirely on research done with the help of YOU, the reader, as well as links to outside resources on popular blogging topics.

The goal is to make book blogging as transparent as possible.

What does that mean? I’ve been blogging for over 6 years and there are still aspects of blogging that I’m learning about. Tips and tricks, better ways to do some things, reasons I probably shouldn’t do others. I’ve spent hours on Google searching for blog posts and it’s time consuming and, frankly, how many of us ACTUALLY have time for that? And often, I find that bloggers will compile their own posts into a list of some kind, but I haven’t really found many guides that include posts from all different blogs on similar topics. That’s what this blog is for, along with being a place for reference posts of its own.

So who am I? My name is Austine and I’m the owner of NovelKnight Book Reviews! I’m also the proud holder of a Bachelor of Science degree in Wildlife Science, and am working on a Master’s in Science Education. Research and science are a huge part of my life, while the other part is taking what I find and putting it in a way that everyone can make sense of it (none of that scientific jargon… usually) 😉 This is a pet project of mine and I hope it proves successful and helpful to everyone!

This blog is still very new and it will take time to build up a fuller collection of resources so feel free to contact me with anything you think would be useful to add, or any resources you come across in your blogging adventures!